Friday, July 20, 2012

Recently at college...


Owh hey there,it's been a month since the last day I updated my blog.So how are you.Some of you must be wondering where have I gone to lately...well...Im fine and still studying at college.yeah I know,why am I still in college...well kinda long story.The thing is I've changed my course to Diploma in Advertising few months ago and yeah..everything is fine and speaking the truth,Im kinda enjoying this course very much.Much more fun and educative than the previous I had.And it does not have math...So I have no more reason to fail.XD..

So this post will be all bout my recent update at college for the past 2 months.

So...I made new friends.

they are fun people to be around with and also good team members
in doing assign together....looking forward for much adventure together!

2nd will be our huge success in assignments.
Assignments and course works are 1 of the must done tasks given by the college and we can never run away from it.Sometimes a good team are formed by good team members that are able to cooperate and achieve the results we wanted together.And we doesnt fail,in fact...we succeeded a lot of assignments and got the highest marks in some assign and presentation...2 thumbs up to all of us,whom are my team and this same goes to other teams.
and yes!...we went to Astro's headquarter to interview!
and special blog post about this interview will be updated soon! dont miss out!
our role play team!....Will be updated don't miss out!
you're gonna have a great adventure with us!

We spent a lot of time and effort in preparing our assign....and the result was great
Much more assign to be deal with in the assign..and we'll accept the challenge together!
lastly,We had fun together in class.

We had birthday celebration...
and we took Photoshop to a whole new level of trolling....

yeah...our body are replaced on the body of BigBang's......
have to give thumbs up to them for making this for their presentation
really a good trick to get our attention...haha!

So that's it for this post,just a summary and a teaser so,...much more update soon!!


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Happy college life!