Friday, July 20, 2012

Recently at college...


Owh hey there,it's been a month since the last day I updated my blog.So how are you.Some of you must be wondering where have I gone to lately...well...Im fine and still studying at college.yeah I know,why am I still in college...well kinda long story.The thing is I've changed my course to Diploma in Advertising few months ago and yeah..everything is fine and speaking the truth,Im kinda enjoying this course very much.Much more fun and educative than the previous I had.And it does not have math...So I have no more reason to fail.XD..

So this post will be all bout my recent update at college for the past 2 months.

So...I made new friends.

they are fun people to be around with and also good team members
in doing assign together....looking forward for much adventure together!

2nd will be our huge success in assignments.
Assignments and course works are 1 of the must done tasks given by the college and we can never run away from it.Sometimes a good team are formed by good team members that are able to cooperate and achieve the results we wanted together.And we doesnt fail,in fact...we succeeded a lot of assignments and got the highest marks in some assign and presentation...2 thumbs up to all of us,whom are my team and this same goes to other teams.
and yes!...we went to Astro's headquarter to interview!
and special blog post about this interview will be updated soon! dont miss out!
our role play team!....Will be updated don't miss out!
you're gonna have a great adventure with us!

We spent a lot of time and effort in preparing our assign....and the result was great
Much more assign to be deal with in the assign..and we'll accept the challenge together!
lastly,We had fun together in class.

We had birthday celebration...
and we took Photoshop to a whole new level of trolling....

yeah...our body are replaced on the body of BigBang's......
have to give thumbs up to them for making this for their presentation
really a good trick to get our attention...haha!

So that's it for this post,just a summary and a teaser so,...much more update soon!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Billy's and Winnie's Birthday celebration!

7-19-2012 (Thursday)

Last month exactly the same date as today(19-6-2012),we celebrated My dearest brother's 21st Birthday and also My long old friend,Winnie Yew's 22nd Birthday together.They share the same birthday,both on 21st of July...Winnie on year 1990...My bro on 1991...and the studying the same course...Illustration...but diff coincidence and close enough..So we decided to have a small celebration at a Korean restaurant to celebrate.
This is us together...and the birthday boy and girl is at the middle. 

Not much a surprise or big celebration since everything was so rush and they were rushing their college projects and preparing to go back to Sabah for holiday.So we have to celebrate few days in advance.Overall,everybody was able to come out and celebrate it together.It's nice to see everyone take their time break on friday night and come out to have fun and relax.It was indeed a great night.Nice korean food and services as well.So much win. 

This is us having our korean cuisine.

So are the girls....whao.....XD

After the dinner...Fong Li took out the cake and we started singing birthday song to them both.

Bithday day girl and boy blowing their choco cake...
Finally they Old 1 year...i mean...growing up...aww....
This is me....with my birthday wishes and all the best...

Birthday girl with Fong li and wayne...
The celebration ended with a big happy group photo .

So that's all for this post!

till the next post!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's all about Davis' Day!


It was my birthday 1 month ago (26-5-2012)...and I am now officially 22 years old ..kinda sound old right and my short/small body size doesnt even match my age....not sure why but Im sure Im gonna stuck with this height and size forever..and so my birthday wish was to grow more taller..=P..yeah....not kidding..that's 1 of my MOVING ON!...

I've been survived for 22 years in this cruel world and Im still doing fine and strong...all thanks to my surviving skills that I learned from Discovery channel you should start watching it.So my last birthday was AWESOME and unpredictable.2 of my good friend got down from Melacca and Kampar and celebrated my birthday with me.It was Kirk and Tang....and it was quite a surprise...When I got back home my bro and Kirk was actually acting they were sleeping and then shouted surprise and gave me a cake and Gundam for my Birthday present..

It was a very nice birthday cupcakes and i heard they traveled to somewhere I dont know and
bought this for me...and here I would like thanks...Kirk's sisters,Tang,my Bro and Kirk for
buying this for me...thanks all!
This me with Kirk(above)
and my bro and I (below)

thanks!...lovin it!....
And then I went to my friend's church for another celebration.....and this was a surprise and I didnt expected anything from them and it was kinda awkward cos everybody was singing songs to me and I was idea how to react hahah...but I was truly happy...Im very appreciate you all...=)

 Thanks again!...

After that I went to Overtime Pavilion for some beers....with kirk and Tang

Until...suddenly I received a call from My bro's friend,Romano.
He called me and asked me to go to 1 of the new club at KL...

He was the ambassador there and he offer us a ride to go there and go back home...and we were like.
SURE ON LA!!....after fetching us...we head to Setapak to fetch Louis and my bro along...
and yeah...the new club was PAPARAZI situated at SS2 mall...

(my bro and his childhood friend,Romano..thanks for the night!)
the whole clubbing night was fun...It was our BRO NIGHT
we didnt brought any girls along...and we danced was kinda gay..
imagine....6 guys...shaking butts.....hhhhmmmmm....yeah....
Still fun....
this is us!..after clubbing....
for your own information....Im not a clubber and I dont have the lungs to party all night long..=P
Trust me...XD....I club..but seldom....only special occasion...
so me maybe...ajak!...XD

So that's about it!....I very happy on birthday and it was so much fun..and I hope everybody had an enjoyable the 22nd Davis' day!....We'll celebrate 23rd of Davis's Day next year!...=D!
Till the next post!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Euro 2012


Euro Cup is here...what is it about???12 man chasing a ball???..'s more than just chasing a ball on the field...
It's not about politics, or religion, or the economy,
 it's not about borders, history, trade, oil, water, gas, mineral rights, human rights, or animal rights. 
It's not about global warming, global pandemics, globalization, GDP, NATO or Kyoto.
 It's not about elections, sanctions, proliferations, he said, she said, my land, your land, no mans land. 
It's not about the stock market, black market, orange alerts, green homes, hope, change, fear or loathing.
It's not about Communism, Socialism or Capitalism, war or peace, love or hate. 

This is about the one month, every four years, 



 All together....cheering

 with the game that unites us all...

when we all agree on one thing

 16 Nations!

One world watching! 2012 EURO Cup.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo Shooting at SDK! Japanese school uniform and cheongsam!


Sup sup!...Im back with more not-so-adventure post!This entry will be about my photo shooting at my hometown.Yeap....I don't always get a chance to photoshoot people(model) because I prefer,during the last sem break on April...I was invited to join a photoshooting.And the theme was Japanese high school girl and cheongsam.I was like whao...japanese theme?...that's kinda new to me.And guess what,my sis was one of the models......AWKWARD!!...well,there's just 2 models..1 was my sis and the other was new girl that I just met.Cyndy.The whole shooting was fun and new..million of thanks for Lee wai yap for inviting me and Im glad that Im able to join and make new friends and experiences.

So here are some photos from the shooting....and yeah..just in case what DSLR Im using..Im using Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm lens for the whole 2 shootings.=)..There's a lot of pictures taken so I just upload few here..=)

Japanese School girl Theme

So the 1st model will be my Sister....Ariel Chai.

 (this picture got 187 likes on facebook!)....
 Priceless smile
this is what a student should do!...Studying!....even outside!

The next model will be Cyndy Lee.
 This so far is my favorite picture!!

 Sunny girl!....a student passed her exam!haha!
was not able to spend more time on her during our shooting..
looking forward to work with her again get more shots!.

the next will be Cheongsam shooting..and sis was the model for this idea why..probably the organizer likes her...and yeah..She was able to pose well and able to gives us the feel to take more photos...

So that's it for this post and Im hoping get 1 more photo shooting at KL soon.To have some fun and learn something new at the same time...Looking forward and I'll see you in the next post.=)